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How to shoot with unfailing accuracy to determine stock trading point?

K-line diagram is a price list, no one has any unique skill, by looking at the K-line diagram, the shot hits the target. Learn all kinds of "technical theory", be sure to read the tape with their own experience, summed up his approach to be useful.

1.K chart source

K-line diagram is "candle map", according to legend in Japan was a rice store owner, in order to record every day, "the price of rice," created by, and was later applied to the stock market. No matter what software, the time-map interface, according to F5, will enter the K-line diagram, K-line diagram has four key messages: opening price, closing price, the highest price the day, all day lowest price. In fact, according to the four key messages, we can draw out of their own, open and close between the "entity", "entity" and the highest price the day between the "thin line" (the lead), "entity" and the between the lowest-day also "thin" (the lead). Beginner's friends may wish to buy some "coordinate paper" to learn painting K-line diagrams, daily draw a "candle", adhere to two weeks there will be a very quick understanding.

The role of 2.K chart

The so-called analysis of stock trends, mainly with K-line diagram of view.

In order to meet different needs, K-line diagram also can be broken down as follows: 5 minutes K-line diagrams, 15 minutes, K-line diagrams, 30 minutes, K-line diagrams, 60 minutes K-line diagram, on K-line diagram, K-line diagram weeks, months K-line diagram, or even 45 days-minute K-line diagram.

Tape the above points Tumen K lines, each stock has more than K-line Tumen, Qian K in the Japanese software chart interface, press F8 to switch, software, a "cycle of switch" directory.

Beginners like to see time-sharing plans, stock up and down more obvious, but once started, they, without exception, the use of K-line diagrams, like to do short-term observation of five minutes at any time K-line diagrams, 15 minutes, K-line diagram, long-term look at Week K-line diagram, on K-line diagram.

K-line diagram is nothing more than to see in order to determine the trend of stock prices. If you are in a year or longer period of time find themselves more and more attention to weekly K-line diagrams and charts on K, then you can enter the intermediate class.

Look at the long-term plans to determine the general trend, such as the weekly K-line diagrams and charts on K, when the weekly K-line diagrams and charts on K at a high, the stock market as a whole chromium risks more, pay attention to a lesser position. When the weekly K-line diagrams and charts on K is low, the stock market as a whole the risk of smaller chromium, in the buying, you can combine the short-term plan (5-minute K-line diagrams, 15 minutes, K-line diagrams, 30 minutes, K-line diagrams, 60 K-minute chart, Japan and K-line graph), look for low-involvement, to sell the same line of reasoning, so the stock market appears to have the opportunity every day, in fact, varies over time is a great opportunity to come back to one.

K-line diagram basic use is to look for "sale and purchase points", while facing the same K-line graph, but have different ideas in mind, we must carefully observe the long-term, at least your observations to undergo a complete "CBBC city."

Some books on the market from a technical analysis perspective on "how to Zuogu Piao", you can buy a look, "wave theory" is more respected everybody, but also should look at, but to "dialectic" to look at temporarily not understand it does not matter With the increase in the time to read the tape it would be insight.

3. It is worth noting the "average system"

In the "candle map", but also covered with several different colors of curves, that is average, 5-day moving average (that is, a day in the past 5, the average of the closing price of painting a point, these points of connection), 10 day moving average, 20,30,60,120,250-day moving average, you can also set their own dates, such as 14, 25, ......。

Turning the long-term moving average, is often thought of changing its stance. Because, in the days, stock prices can "make out", you can fool the people's eyes, but the long-term average is not easy to do, therefore, the trend of the long-term average is often broader market trend. If more than 30 days moving average a day to stop the original direction, the experts will draw attention to.

To wear or wear on the stock price under the major moving averages, the experts will draw attention to.

4. A few key points:

(1) Long-term plans and short-term plans with a view

(2) K-line charts and trading volume with the look

(3) K-line diagrams and moving averages with a view

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