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Neo-imperialism of the new way of dividing up the world

"If you must give the imperialists the definition of the next one as brief as possible, it should be said that imperialism is the monopoly stage of capitalism."

(1) focus on the development of production and capital to such a high level, resulting in the economic life play a decisive role in the monopoly of organization;
(2) bank capital and industrial capital has been integrated together, in this "financial capital" formed on the basis of the financial oligarchy;
(3) and the export of capital goods export of various of particular importance;
(4) divide up the world of international monopoly capitalist alliance has been formed;
(5) The biggest capitalist powers have carved up the territory of the world.

Sharply! Lenin's enough to let us see clearly the nature of today's international economy, enough for us to clarify the international financial crisis of this nature. The beginning of the current round of financial crisis, remember the media reported "Das Kapital" in Europe, the news out of stock. In fact, in my opinion, Europeans should be gorging on Lenin's "Imperialism," Cai Dui. Marx's "Das Kapital", saying that the era of free competition is the essence of capitalism; and Lenin's "imperialism" theory, the analysis is the nature of contemporary capitalism. Lenin tells us that monopoly is the norm in today's international economic, financial oligarchy dominated today's global economy, international monopoly capitalist allies have been or are being divided up the world market. This is what Lenin told us, today we have to face economic and ecological.

I think we have the Mainland readers, as long as the high school graduation, in order to cope with all kinds of tests, have been skillfully recite these expositions of Lenin. I would like to remind readers, with your economic life, come back to, and then think carefully about the Lenin of these expositions.

Now, emerged as a new imperialism, I refer to the "new imperialism." According to Lenin's thinking to analyze, where the "new" is mainly reflected in:

(1) monopoly organization said today the development of even more powerful, not only by controlling the global industrial chain, in the economic life play a decisive role, but also in political culture also plays a decisive role to some extent. Do not you see, certain imperialist powers the president, the prime minister, the Parliament, not that these monopolistic organizations attendant do? If you the reader a good look at the case of Wal-Mart in this book, you know, Wal-Mart to "Snake" method is how to integrate and control the industrial chain, and formed a huge monopoly organization.

(2) Today, the imperialist financial oligarchs, has been a traditional bank into a modern "investment bank" of. They not only with the integration of industrial capital, but also with the traditional banking capital integration; this integration is not a simple co-operation, but through a variety of financial instruments, control, industrial capital and the traditional bank capital. Not only that, they also make full use of their "intelligence", invented a variety of financial products and leverage tools to leverage, the global society of the capital, do anything, for their own selfish interests, firmly in control of the world's economic resources. They not only make a certain industry, bankrupt, and can still do so to a national bankruptcy. Discussed in this book all cases, there is the shadow of the modern financial oligarchy.

(3) The export of capital today is not easy these days, but for capital liberalization era. The power of free movement of capital has shrunk. Urge readers to think carefully about today's financial crisis go back to look at the South American financial crisis and the Asian financial crisis, they will understand the financial oligarchy's "export of capital" strategy is the use of capital, liberalization of rules on how to ruin a country or a regions. Our "Silk Street model," it is very difficult to manipulate with the financial oligarchy's "Wall Street model" adversaries, with "Product Output" to and "export of capital" competition, winning or losing becomes evident from the outset.

(4) "Lang wrote: The new imperialism in China" in the case shows that international monopoly organizations have formed a strong alliance, that is, through the integration of industrial chain in the form of high-performance, firmly in control of an industry or an industry . The monopoly of international capital alliance, has exceeded the power of guns. With regard to international monopoly capital alliance, please take a look at this book a good reader, "Monsanto, the four major grain merchants and Wall Street," the case, they will know how they create an international monopoly alliance, and manipulation of global agriculture.

(5) to today's greatest imperialist power, have been satisfied with carving up the land, but rather through the capital to divide up the world market. The past, mainly through war to carve up the land to occupy the market, and now save a great deal through the alliance of monopoly capital, or to directly carve up the international market in order to achieve the purpose of capital. In other words, the previous "partition land" has evolved into the current "economic colony" of the. Readers please take a look at, "Lang said: The new imperialism in China," the third part, they will know how to divide up the market of foreign capital and thus control a country or region's economic lifeblood.

From the above analysis we can see, the new imperialism is not just an academic and political concepts, it has seriously affected the lives of every one of us now and the future life.

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