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U.S. dollar index gains were limited euros caught in low consolidation

Bank of Japan announced in February monetary policy meeting records show that: Several members said the decline in consumer price index is not as expected slowdown in the pace of so many; Many members said that if necessary, should take prompt action to make a full recovery of the economy. Representatives of the Government hoped that the Bank of Japan to take flexible measures to combat deflation.

Swiss National Bank president, said the Swiss central bank will decisively deal with the excessive appreciation of the Swiss franc against the euro in order to avoid the risk of deflation.

Greek Finance Minister said the country is expected in March 25-26 EU summit will yield positive results, while Greece wants its debt crisis can be resolved within Europe.

United Kingdom in February consumer price index rose 0.4% from the previous month, compared with a year rose 3%, CPI increase is the first time since September 2009 slowdown. The United Kingdom in February retail sales price index rose 0.6 percent from the previous month, increased by 3.7% a year earlier, and matching the consensus forecast.

Confederation of British Industry published a survey in March retail sales margin fell to +23 from +13 in February, worse than previous estimates.

U.S. February existing home sales fell by 0.6% annual rate of 5.02 million, slightly better than the estimate of 500 million. U.S. Richmond Fed manufacturing index released in March for a comprehensive +6,2 to +2 months.

Fitch said that Greece is likely to keep this year's BBB + rating, Greece, next year, details of further reform measures are also crucial rating to Greece. IMF to provide assistance as long as the possibility exists, even if the European Union assistance to Greece, did not reach an agreement would not lead to lower ratings of Greece.


Asian hours, the euro from 1.3550 to 1.3560 for the relative high sideways to afternoon selling the emergence of the euro exchange rate led to falling back to around 1.35; European sessions, the market still doubts about the financial crisis for Greece to continue to force the euro lower, breaking 1.35 mark intraday down to 1.3474, the latter slightly stabilized; the United States early period, the euro was 1.35 below the low withdraw sword, the more rapid gains at 1.3540 consolidation.

Technical graphical analysis, in yesterday's rebound in the United States closed out with a longer time under the shadow line of a small Yang Xian, today the exchange rate continues to fall rapidly swallowed up yesterday's gains, 5-day moving average have already moved to 1.3568, for the formation of a strong suppression of the short-term exchange rate; disk there buying support in the 1.3460-70 range. Recommendations may be appropriate to Buying euros, stop-loss 1.3450, and 1.3550 at the top of the short.


Asian hours, the pound was steady at around 1.51, but there diving on the afternoon, the exchange rate down to 1.50 in the vicinity. Europe time, Britain announced stronger than expected CPI data, and are subject to the whereabouts of a drag on the euro, British pound exchange rate has also dropped to 1.50 below the trading after a rebound back to near 1.50. The United States early period, the pound to copy the trend yesterday, after earlier rising rapidly, and near the location of 1.5070.

The daily chart on the basic pounds in two days this week, from 1.50 to 1.51 range as box shocks finishing, in the absence of the major factors that influence the market under the premise of the exchange rate is expected to continue to maintain range of volatile trading. Below the strong support at 1.49 and 1.4780, above the resistance at 1.5116. Recommendations may range lob bargain-hunting operations.


Asian session, the yen in the narrow range from 90 to 90.30 range order fluctuations. European sessions, the exchange rate slightly upward and for a time break 90.45, after trading near 90.35. The United States early period, the exchange rate at 90.30 the vicinity sideways.

From the Japanese line perspective, the dollar was steady against the yen today on the 90 mark at the top, no significant fluctuations in the exchange rate below the 90 integers off strong supporting role in suppressing the formation of 90.80 pairs of exchange rates, the proposed range of operation, more cautious.

Asian currencies:

The Philippine peso and Indian rupee in this trading day following the euro and Asian stock markets rally and rose; Philippine peso against the U.S. dollar rose nearly 0.4% to 45.52, hit last week, tying the 19-month high; Indian rupee against the U.S. dollar rose 0.25% to 45.47; the Thai baht against the dollar, driven by the inflow of foreign capital rose to 32.32 small.

Won the day slightly lower, since Greece lingering doubts about the debt, reducing the stock market gains, the won against the U.S. dollar to close at 1137.1, after earlier in the 1133.2-1137.3 fluctuate within a tight range.

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