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Female perfect breast must beware 6 kinds injuries

Female perfect breast must beware 6 kinds injuries
Breast To Fengman proud, must healthy, but life there many "unintentional Guo" In harm female breasts, let 11 "inventory."

 1, mood

Pernicious to health Keywords: pressure, depressed

Readme: Carmen recent work pressure great mood not been good plus character already introverted Therefore often feel in depressed state. Now Worse nipple sometimes outflow like blood liquids, although not painful but seems With tiny lumps ... ...


May problem: Breast catheter papillomas

TCM called "milk nosebleed" that multi by the liver depression Huowang or Spleen blood deficit caused coupled yin loss, so nipple may bloody secretions outflow.


2, action

Pernicious to health Keywords: touch, violence

Readme: Alternative Daisy is Weiaichikuang female, she likes rude point sexual, that let her more passion. But day affectionate, she suddenly felt side breast painful! Face mirror, she horror found side breasts With months touch when able activities tumor!


May problem: Breast cyst

Breasts very Jiaoqi not manhandled they. When breast by violently shocks, its within small vessels will burst, hemorrhage, forming hematoma, in blood absorbed and destruction, will form cyst. Apart not rude correct breastfeeding method, good hygiene also important.


  3, diet

Pernicious to health Keywords: cuisine, high calories

Readme: Eva fond cuisine - Five mature steak, hot chocolate, ice cream, although beautiful still, but Tim the "Yang Guifei" in nickname. Results, day shower she touch breasts found a boundary clear lumps ... ...


May issues: breastsLipoma

Lipoma mostly preferences high calorie body fat who affinity is body surface most common benign one, can happen body there fat tissue any part, but breast comparison more common onset age to 30-50 years for multi.


 4, bunch body

Pernicious to health Keywords: wire, elastic band, bunch body

Readme: want stature slim Grace addition less dining, multi exercise, also eyeing bunch body underwear. In wire and elastic belt help really increasingly De Transamerica moving a! But accompanying came is often approaching menstrual, breast will pain very.


May issues: Mammary Pain

Excessive bunch body underwear simply is to own breasts chains to also Le crowded, time goes cause breasts avascular impeded and oppressive pain.


Mammary Pain generally menstruation week before began, manifested breast bulge pain, activities will intensified heavier when menses after will gradually disappear to next menstrual cycle Also comeback! If breast examinations no lumps, Just relax body relax most cases 2-3 years This can self disappeared.


 5, demeanor

Pernicious to health Keywords: cigarettes, nicotine, alcohol

Readme: cool Freda is porcelain designer, She often spray cloud spit fog, in cigarettes find forward inspiration. This time the company medical examination, she was found breast appeared "Orange sample" change but ipsilateral axillary also With enlarged lymph nodes!


May issues: breast

Nothing Biniguding, alcohol better harm female body a! Has information proved smoking history over 10 years female breast cancer probability is other female 3 times above; daily drinkers 1 cup or 1 cup above, breast dangerous than rarely drinkers increased 45% above.


Breast mass General Growth faster texture hard, boundary clear skin surface orange peel like change; early pain lighter late aggravate. But breast best hope cure cancer, if early found can completely cure Therefore monthly self and each year half medical very important.


  6, hormone

Pernicious to health Keywords: estrogen

Readme: puberty after young Helen side breast found With a mass, despite pointless it feel smooth, texture more Ren, but family and she very land worry!


May issues: breasts fibroma

Estrogen active and breast fibroma closely related Therefore disease predilection 20-25 old youth female mostly Unilateral single hair, growth slow often stumbled breast There were spherical mass.


Fibroma predilection breast foreign upper usually no obvious symptoms, menstrual cycle lump size nor affect. Although Breast fibroadenoma belong benign, but malignant possible so the best timely surgery.

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