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Stocks skills

First, the real purpose of short-term operation was not did not want to make big money, but in order not to participate in so many uncertain factors in the trend adjustment. "The uncertain trend factor" is a great risk can not be grasped, with short-term operation of the method, you can try to avoid this risk. Therefore, if a stock attack power disappear, regardless of whether it is down, we must leave? This is a short-term operation principle.

2, left and right is very important to the concept of transaction

(1) What is "left and right deal"? A, the stock rose, with shares at the top as the boundary, where the "top" not to form a high throw to the left belongs to the left side of transactions, while in the "top of the "After drop down, is the right deal. B, when the stock fell to the bottom price for the sector, where the "bottom" on the left side of bargain-hunting those who belong to the left of trading, but rebounded in the bottomed out after the chase, is the right deal. C, and sometimes also a price, there is the left side of the distinction between trading and the right side of transactions. (2) The transaction is an amateur level mark on the left, while the right deal is proof of professional standards. The left side of transactions (sell high, buy low) in more than a subjective forecast element. The right side of transactions (or, chase) is reflected on the objective of adaptability. (3) professional master neither do "the left side deal" and will never pursue "thrown at the top, suction at the bottom" of the immortal realm of trading. (4) the importance of the right side of the transaction, in addition to the above understanding, it is more need to go through the psychological character of the training side can be done.

Third, stocks success "four heart"

(1) The immense patience to wait for the opportunity arises; (2) when opportunities arise to distinguish true and false and the size of the opportunity to carefully Superman; (3) to confirm the opportunity to decisively attack comes after the determination; (4) to determine dare to speedily rectify the error after error (to cover short positions, or stop) the hard-hearted. Patiently waiting for the perfect graphics occurs when the timing and the timing of the decisive attack, is a professional short-term master the most important basic skills.

Fourth, short-term operational measures to protect the mistakes?? Low to cover their short positions to the rescue and high stop the liquidation

1, high mistook strict stop-loss, low wrong should be bold enough to cover short positions. 2, in actual combat, stock prices are high, afternoon down a large space, profit opportunities had disappeared, the need to stop. 3, if the share price cycle lows and the rising channel, they should cover their short positions to be located in the support change. Such as the price is moving in a downward spiral, below important technical support for free when you are forbidden to cover short positions, but can only sell at a loss and decisive stop.

5, short-term operation of the broader market conditions,

(A) the date or list displayed in the conditions: (1) list the date of the first board, if there are more than five stocks daily limit, then the market is in a super-strong, broad market background fine. Short-term operation at this time to select target firm start. (2) The first board of the gains if all stocks are greater than 4%, the market is in a strong, broad market background generally. Short-term operation at this time may choose to enter a strong goal of shares. (3) The first board, if stocks do not have a daily limit, and the stock rose more than 5% less than 3, then the market is weak, the background tape did not provide conditions for the performance of individual stocks. Be short-term operation at this time depending on the target stocks situation carefully. (4) The first board, such as all stocks or are less than 3%, then the market is very weak, broad market disadvantaged backgrounds. At this point can not be short-term operation.

(B) Stock Change Unit, the size of the comparison shows only a few conditions: (1) broader market rose, while only a few shares rose more than just the number of declining stocks, indicating a true rally, is a broader market strong, short-term operation can be actively pursued. If the broad market up, down shares rose more than just a few but only a few shares, indicating it was in the lift index shares rally as the true, short-term operation to be careful. (2) Tai Pan Die, while declining stocks rose more than just a few shares just a few shows that the natural decline in the real, is a broader market is weak, short-term operation should be stopped. Large Pan Die, but the declining stocks was up only a few are less than the number of shares only, indicating some pressure indicator shares fall as true, false weaker broader market, stocks target careful visual short-term operation started.

(C) Change when the broader market volume display conditions: the amount of tape up from time to time, a fall, Su Liang, indicating the relationship between volume and price to normal, short-term operation can be actively pursued. When the broader market rose a small amount or when the big bang, shows the negative relationship between volume and price, it was induced more than short-term operation should be careful to stop or start.

6, conventional techniques of conditions for short-term general principles: Target shares rose 3 MA with a volume. 1,3-day moving average upward. 2, the stock rose more than 3%. 3, disk than to zoom into a fold. 4, the stock is running in Japan Line, weekly cycle low. 5, average daily traffic volume greater than five times greater than 1.5. 6, combat can be bought at the heavy volume day 1 / 3 positions. 7, if the stock price shot up profits can fall out, but also cover their short positions in the back two days later.

7, the search target Unit: 1, the first step: From the rise standings look: ① broader market rose, and the target stocks rose more than 3% of those. ② or tape shock adjustment, target stocks outperformed broad market fluctuations were abnormal. 2, the second step: In the list than to find one times more than larger stocks, the greater the more to pay attention to. 3, the third step: Make sure first and second terms are in line with objectives. 4, the fourth step: Open the target stocks that have been identified on chart checking K. The target unit: ① 3-day moving average is rising with the amount of ② whether there is a set of pre-K-line ③ stabilized today, the most recent period for the first time the unit is heavy volume. 5, the above conditions, if satisfied, then open the target stocks weekly chart checks K: Target shares just weeks K-line KDJ low-Jin Cha, or whether the area is strong upward movement. 6, if they meet, you can determine the condition of the unit had been attacked with short-term profit opportunities that will arise. 7, If there is miscarriage of justice, the Unit 3, MA, once flat, losing up strike capability, it must withdraw.

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