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Why is a man obsessed Jiemi female breast?

If a man loves a woman, then any part of her body, he likes and even wanted to explore. If a woman's most attractive parts down to 10, then, according to surveys, two percent of men would choose the thigh, 3% of men choose the back 4 percent of men choose waist, 5% man choice hair, 7% of men choose abdomen, 8% of men choose feet, 9 percent of men choose buttocks, 10% of men choose private parts, 12 percent of men choose hands, while 40 percent of men would choose the breast.

Almost all women know the chest and attracting men have a directly proportional relationship, that is why there are so many breast products on the market crowded, but everything can make a woman dig purse. In fact this is just the surface, women will never understand the extent of men's obsession with breasts, just as men can never understand a woman's shopping complex, they can hang around all night in that soft, silky skin, she may be surprised: Does he still miss the childhood scenes? Perhaps the breast is a perfect location, while the men on the woman's breasts will always be impossible to avoid feeling.

With regard to breast complex, there is documented as early as ancient times. The fifth century BC, the European outbreak of the Persian War. Legend of the war is because a woman into the sky, this woman Mingjiaohailun, Herodotus said that she was the Greek world's most beautiful woman. The lady of the queen of Sparta, Prince of Persia after being abducted, the Greeks do this upside down, and finally in the Trojan War Trojan Horse in order to win back Helen. Helen beauty is universally acknowledged, according to Herodotus said that the reason why color Prince of Persia fans hearts stolen, all because of Helen, a pair of non-glamorous side of the wonderful things milk.

Later unearthed a statue of Venus, although the broken arm, but the two breasts of the structure is almost perfect. Measurement and calculation, according to experts, her breasts just the location of the golden section in the body line, while the prototype of the statue of Venus, according to experts verified that it is beautiful Helen. Think about a pair of unique in the world for such a Beautiful fight hippo 10000 officers and men of both sides were also the value of the.

In fact, the man's breast with the Oedipus complex similar to complex, from a certain point of view he is a continuation of Oedipus Complex, or the Oedipus complex is derived by-products. The early stages of the human, I mean from the warm womb of the mother prior to puberty. Most dependent on men, the most credible is his mother. Imagine that you curl up in her womb for ten months, blood; and then you drink her milk, brought from the mother exempt use of capacities; in lasted for more than 10 years time, you can enjoy all the enjoy, and all of this, a large part thanks to his mother.

Oedipus is like heaven and things as natural rain. However, after puberty, the demand has undergone great changes, he is eager to right themselves and the opposite sex's body to have a thorough and comprehensive understanding. In particular, the male organ's instincts, precisely reflects the desire to return to the mother's sense of instinct. However, due to ethical concepts at the same stage of the formation, the men had to curb their own attachment to imagine. In the containment process, the energy did not receive correct guidance, you'll grow tired of female body produces, converted into homosexuality. Another would be the vast majority of men thought the idea of heaven and earth where all kinds of illusion. Dreaming became a direct mapping of this illusion. Object into a woman with his peers.

Driven by a man in the complex, often think of his wife, Joan, where they can get the maximum degree of respect, the greatest satisfaction. Men usually imagine that, after coming out from between the breasts will be whole body is full of vitality and self-confidence, because they had just received their own dignity as men and abilities.

Some men would a woman's breasts is often likened to a man's charger, Twin Peaks is a negative like a bipolar contact, when you touch, it can give you plenty of spirit and energy, as if endowed with the the magic. No matter how many of the vicissitudes of life outside and suffering, it is able to heal your wounds, in order to add the wind you ride the waves of passion and courage.

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