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Men fall and winter health regimen 15 must know tips

1, vitamin supplements

Vitamins in the body's immune system play an important role in the body against invaders, when the number of various types of immune cells, vitality and vitamins are all related. Therefore, the fall and winter flu epidemic season, do not forget to take a daily vitamin C tablets can also be rich in vitamin C, eat more fresh vegetables and fruits, such as the kiwi, oranges. In order to keep the respiratory tract mucosa moist, but also vitamin A, the best source of fennel, carrots and cabbage. In addition, frequent eating a handful of walnuts or sunflower seeds, they are rich in vitamin E.


2, taking Ganoderma lucidum

Containing anti-cancer effect of Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides, but also rich in germanium element, can accelerate the body's metabolism, slow down cell aging, enhance the body's immunity. Ganoderma lucidum porridge can be cut into 1 ~ 3 mm Ganoderma lucidum sheets, using water to cook, the juice and rice Tongzhu, or until cooked porridge flour 5g taken after the redeployment of Ganoderma lucidum. MH recommends Ganoderma spore powder, 1 to 2 tablespoons a day, along with other food products to enhance the immune system a better effect. Ganoderma lucidum spore powder has become a recognized health experts to enhance immune tonics.


3, massage 3 points

By three points of stimulation can improve local blood circulation, prevention of fall and winter season, prone to get angry, inflammation, improve immunity. These three points are Dazhui Xue (bow, the back of the neck below the most prominent of the vertebrae), Qu Chixue (elbow into the right angle formed by the outer end of elbow stripes, again at the relocation of 1.5-inch), throttle points ( Da Chuixue down two joints to revert to left and moved one and a half at that), you can use the middle finger pulp of various points Anrou 2 ~ 3 minutes.


4, vaccination

Vaccination can be an absolute good way to boost the immune system. It is best to stimulate the immune stimulant, can enhance the body's resistance to diseases, greatly enhance the effectiveness of immune cells to capture virus. Based on past data, influenza vaccination, the antibody raised to the level of protection (ie, effective against the virus) in people over 90%. In addition to flu vaccine, the injection of cold virus can be vaccinated. The best vaccination each year.


5, regular moderate exercise

Susceptible to cold weather, and cardiovascular diseases are related to cardio-pulmonary fitness can reduce the incidence of autumn and winter. Suitable for moderate-intensity exercise can improve heart and lung functions, strengthen the immune system. Mild exercise refers to exercise heart rate maximum heart rate (220 minus your age) 60% ~ 70%, for example, 25-year-olds maximum heart rate is 220-25 = 195, his exercise heart rate should be controlled at 195 × 60 % to between 195 × 70%, that is between 117-137. Fitness experts recommend walking movement, swimming, jogging.


6, an onion a day

Add the sugar, onion gravy taking can enhance human immunity. Onion contains a large number of natural antibiotics, have a strong bactericidal capacity against Staphylococcus aureus, streptococcus, diphtheria bacillus, dysentery bacillus, Mycobacterium tuberculosis, Escherichia coli and others have to kill and inhibition. Scientific tests showed that raw onions and cooked onion over the anti-immune effect is good. If you chew raw onions 3 minutes, will be able to kill all bacteria in the mouth. Of course, taking a piece of chewing gum after eating is still very necessary.


7, kiwifruit to prevent constipation

Intestinal diseases have been viewed as one of the greatest threats to health and long-term constipation indicates a potential health patients. One of the consequences of reduced immunity. There are many ways to solve constipation, MH recommend "kiwifruit therapy" - a daily 2 kiwifruit. University of Hong Kong School of Medicine, Associate Professor Dr. Chen Anan in the near future for kiwi fruit dietary fiber to improve constipation in China to conduct a special study of patients with gastro-intestinal effects. The results showed that eating two kiwifruit a day for four weeks, about 54.5% of the subjects significantly improved overall bowel conditions, including weekly by natural complete defecation per week on average 2.2 times to 4.4 times, while dung stay in the gut reduce the time, ranging up to 27%. Kiwifruit is rich in dietary fiber is the secret to help create soft stool and help excretion.


8, 8 times the maximum daily wash

Research found that influenza virus can survive in the hands of two hours, in the hard surface can survive for 72 hours. Mobi Zi cold people, the hands will be stained with a cold virus, they are readily taken anywhere. Frequent hand-washing can minimize the risk of respiratory tract infection and the risk of influenza, but can not be expected to use soap and wash your hands once again, we can once and for all bacteria culling can only be washed out successively. However, the number of hand-washing can not be too much, otherwise the skin will become dry. Maximum number of hand-washing 8 times a day.


9, adds to the growing milk carrot

Carrots contain a large number of β-carotene, but only in the context of fat absorbed by the body, milk fat can provide, but also has its own role in enhancing immunity, so carrots and milk is the immune front of the "golden partner." Carrots to carrot, steamed milk-production, then add milk and honey, stir crushed in the crushing machine immediately after drinking.


10, breathing fresh air

Fresh air can help navigate the blood, promoting lung capacity and circulatory system, is radiate the spirit of vitality and boost the immune system of the recipe. So, sooner or later fall and winter seasons for half an hour a day window ventilation, or often go to walk outdoors. Let respiratory tract mucosa to accept some cold stimuli, but also of respiratory disease and exercise, can improve immunity.


11, drink plenty of water

The body of water sufficient to keep the airway mucosa moist, cold viruses difficult to multiply rapidly. Nutrition scientists have recommended that: the daily water intake according to body weight are counted as 40 milliliters, children need to drink more water. Best drink: water, mixed drinks (mineral water or soda water and apple juice mixed drink), tea or herb tea. To drink less coffee, alcoholic beverages and wine. Sports nutrition experts pointed out that the principle of water thirsty drink.


12, autumn and winter sleep 1 hour

Good night's sleep can make the body's two kinds of immune cells significantly increased, while the lack of sleep cause the immune system function is reduced risk of illness increased. Autumn and winter weather is cold, is the disease-prone season, sleep time increased to more than one hour so that the immune system busy and exhausted from the rest over, woke up the next morning the spirit of comfortable feel. You may wish to try, the body would be grateful for your efforts!


13, before going to bed listening to music

9 ~ 11 o'clock at night the body's immune system time to repair, the body needs to maintain a relaxed, calm state, so that the immune system can better recharge. Music release of β-wave can stimulate the pituitary gland, the regulation of the immune system can play a definite role in the promotion and intervention, while the music has bass wave of devaluation are classical music, will make a calm mood.


14, three meals a day regularly

At the dinner to sit down and eat almost every meal of the food intake, gastrointestinal volume remained stable, and can digest well, where the body's DNA sequence will be a perfect record this procedure in such a proceeding, the clock every day In accordance with the same kind of swing rhythm, the body status of various functions best maintained at the highest level of immunity.


15, kiss your lover before work

Our saliva contains large amounts of bacteria (including the beneficial and harmful), of which 80% of everyone, while 20% of the bacteria varied. As these bacteria will be exchanged kisses the venue for the oral cavity for this is the "enemy" invasion, and the immune system will immediately enter the state of combat readiness, start antibody production process, which will contribute significantly to improve the function of immune cells. Every day before work, remember to kiss your lover, "Health kissing" model is: kiss lasted three minutes, while staring each other.

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