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From condoms to see true nature of man!

See the true nature of man from the condom

Some people say that if you want to know a man is suitable to be your weddingn fact, very simple one can have results in seconds - the first fantasy, and his ****** look! If you can accept, then the first hurdle he is considered for adoption; If you feel sick, it is best not to use the A Very Long Engagement to torture yourself! In fact, the most primitive thing ****** ,****** in men often is the most real character I wear a manner sets Presentation will reflect the character of the men, the most realistic part of it. You have observed how your man is wearing sets Presentation to do? Comments of experts look at the following bar, these simple and small sentences may bo you smile, maybe you'll see a different side of him!

  Dai ask for help before the "service" about a man

Hopeless male chauvinist who! Selfishness, desires dissatisfied advised women not to be too easy to give of himself.

  Cap foam front has always left a man in one breath

Things are not solid, forward looking, after ignoring. If Lu commandment does not listen to, as far as if guilty of no wrong, and women please'll have to see ... ...

  Prefer to use the Japanese system of ultra-thin small raincoat men

He was a sentimental, pay attention to taste, usually food (non-beauty did not eat) activists. But it may just be famous advocate of the Yong shallow believers.

  Always like to complain about the men too tight cap

Arrogant vanity, love bragging. (If you find that he is actually very, very small, do not hesitate, please kick him kicked out of the door, Splendor in Takeo)

  Only the preference for a color sleeve men

Superstition, self-righteous man. When you found that he had ordered dish in the constellation of knowledge than you are rich when they think of! Women love a man is not worthy of the most scary is that point of atheism do mettle

  A man wearing two condoms

Cautious, well-thought-of men. Nothing had been drinking water, dry food is usually available at home against typhoons, earthquakes, floods ... but never more than on the highway driving speed of 90 km.

  To achieve half of the men was wearing a cap

He is a re-enjoyment, self-confidence strong, adventurous man.

  Then used the men washed cap

He was a mean, behaves like a niggard, there is the concept of environmental protection man.

  Shear rubber gloves to the men when the condom

He is a quick, there is wittiness, articulate good, can turn facts upside down black and white men. Such a man is very suitable for playing political tricks, but the situation is often too small, less able to become a big shot.

  Used cap into the briefcase the man away

He is a responsible super-good guys. The world has few of the rare animals, please cherish it.

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